Authentication Engine

Employees have to remember too many passwords for internal systems? With Linkwok’s AuthEngine, sign into various internal systems using one password. No hassles of maintaining and issuing different accounts and passwords. Integrate AuthEngine with your systems and use it for maintaining employee accounts. Issue passwords with just one click and simplify your onboarding process. With its easy access control, one can control the access the employee gets for every system. So John must not have access to your system A, simply disable his access! John can continue using his AuthEngine credentials for all the other systems. AuthEngine can also integrate with your HR management system to make it easier to import the user data.With Linkwok’s AuthEngine, you will have a secure and simple authentication mechanism for your internal systems

Features Highlights:

  • Easy integration (supports various technologies)
  • Import multiple users at once
  • Need to issue users only one password
  • Disable/Enable access to various systems
  • Safe and Secure on-premise solution
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