Digital Attendance system

Deepak Cybit, a Vadodara based IT startup has developed and rolled out a contactless attendance system that offers a superior solution to biometric attendance units that have to be deactivated to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The contactless system integrates with all enterprise HR solutions and government guidelines.

The virality of COVID-19 has forced us to reassess health and hygiene in the work environment. Innocuous measures like hand towels, crowded canteens, shared stationary and common smoking spots have come under the magnifying glass of safety in the workplace. One of the deadliest of all infection vectors however the biometric attendance scanner is. Once hailed as a revolution to the simple physical register for its security, simplicity and access to digital systems, the scanner is now a lethal risk, deactivated by one and all.

Deepak Cybit, part of the Deepak Group, turned its problem solving eye toward this and has quickly developed a deceptively simple and ingenious solution. The contactless attendance system adheres to all guidelines and best practices for social distancing while ensuring fool proof security and integration with all enterprise software systems.

“An intelligent, randomly changing QR code flashed on a small screen at the reception allows one or more employees to scan themselves in from various angles as far as 30ft away. A host of other features make the system an obvious choice for employers who crave peace of mind,” shares Maulik Mehta, Founder of Deepak Cybit and Whole Time Director of Deepak Nitrite Limited.

The salient feature of the system is as follows:

  • Intelligent code generation to ensure that no cheating is possible.
  • Location-centric access control to prevent unauthorized access
  • Linkage with permission letters issued by government bodies to ensure that unpermitted access is prohibited
  • Ease to use and integrate data within existing HR systems
  • Custom reports available
  • No touch installation
  • Automatic manpower tracking that complies with government rules and can adapt to changes in rules with on the wire software updates
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