We know you want to motivate your employees to reach their full potential. The yearly appraisal system requires you to go through a bunch of papers and no way to ensure timely completion of the review process. Linkwok’s HRPMS will help you sail through the appraisal period. With the paperwork gone, you can focus on what is most important – your employees’ performance. Once your team is registered on the HRPMS, you can do away with the self-assessment sheet. The employees can assess their performance on parameters set by you using simple forms. Once the self-assessment is submitted, the supervisor is notified. HRPMS ensures that you are up-to-date with the appraisal progress. Monitor which employees haven’t submitted their self-assessments and which supervisors haven’t finished their review. Ensure timely completion of the performance appraisal with HRPMS. Inform employees once the appraisal is complete. Use our reports to identify bottlenecks in the appraisal process and improve it to save valuable time. Export reports in excel format and view them at your convenience. With HRPMS, performance appraisal will no longer be a tedious task that involves heavy paperwork!

Features Highlights:

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Complete approval cycle for KRA management
  • Access control module
  • Fully functional admin panel with access control
  • Automated scripts to generate daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Multi screen support
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