Idea Generation Portal

Linkwok’s Idea Management system brings to you an efficient and effective way of managing your organization’s intellectual resources. Give a boost to innovation in your organization and let ideas flow free. The Idea Management system allows your employees to give out their best ideas. We streamline the process of idea selection and make it easier for you to bring great ideas to life. Your employees can easily submit ideas and take a custom quiz thereby making it easy for you to assess their domain knowledge. Too many ideas? Great! We help you sort, filter and group them, making idea selection less time-consuming. Use our keyword score to further refine the results and with our approval mechanism you can have different team members assess the idea feasibility before it reaches the top management. Reward your employees’ creativity and analyze the trends with our reporting module. Make the most of your resources and utilize the latent talent of your team! With the Idea Management System, bring great ideas to the table and foster innovation in your organization! Let the creative juices flow!

Features Highlights:

  • Simple Idea registration
  • Custom Quiz allows one to test the team’s knowledge
  • Filter and sort through ideas based on custom criteria
  • Customized Approval Mechanism
  • Keyword Score – Boosts the idea which is most relevant to the sector based on certain keywords
  • Export the ideas as Excel
  • Reporting Module – Run reports to find out more about where ideas are flowing from
  • Export Reports in various formats
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