Meeting Assistant

In a meeting trying to take notes on your notepad? Time for a change. Bring tech to your meetings! Bring Linkwok’s Meeting Assistant to your growing organization and reap the benefits of noting minutes digitally. Meeting Assistant allows you to keep a record of your meetings. It has been designed as a comprehensive solution to all your meeting worries! With 2 steps, add multiple users to the system. Create a Meeting and use our powerful note-taker to record your minutes. Choose what you wish to be a task. No more forms and multiple fields. Meeting Assistant can task-ify your written command with its vast array of shortcuts that help us make your meeting experience better. Receiving too many emails from everyone in the meeting? Fear not, with Meeting Assistant updating the tasks assigned in a meeting is as easy as it gets. Attach files and update status through the system. Worried about due dates? Adding a task, its due date, and assignee during a meeting is such a hassle you may say! With Meeting Assistant’s intelligent date interpreter, you can mark the due date in various formats – comfortable with a calendar, wish to input the date yourself or want to you use phrases like “tomorrow” or “next Monday”, we got your back. Apprise all the attendees by sending a summary of the meeting via email in one click and with Meeting Assistant’s Google Calendar integration, you will be well-informed about the upcoming tasks!

Features Highlights:

  • Add multiple users in 2 steps
  • Intelligent Date interpreter for due dates
  • Convert any sentence into a task
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Change task status and attach documents
  • Send email summary of meeting to the attendees
  • Use symbols to add more information to a task
  • Mark tasks as important
  • View Minutes from all meetings
  • Assign tasks to users with the @ symbol
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