Services and Solutions

Over the past 5-7 years, Deepak Cybit got various opportunities to work with various departments and various challenges. 

We have worked on an HRPMS system which is currently helping a our customer manage appraisals of more than 1000 geographically diverse employees while replacing the manual appraisal data with our digital platform. We were able to reduce the appraisal process to less than half while ensuring all KRAs are tracked, followed and updated aligned to organizational goals 

Our logistics suite powers Asia’s largest phenol plant and helps them plan, track and manage all their inventory needs. The logistics suite optimizes the raw material plan keeping in mind the delivery time, the rates, and storage capacity and production plan. It also automatically routes the vehicles to the location optimizing fuel usage, driver fatigue and other parameters.

Our Competency Portal helps one of India’s premier banks handle the appraisal and competency training of over 75,000 employees and get a handle on everyone’s competency rankings, strengths and weaknesses thereby identifying the training and development needs in click of a button! The globally used portal is not only secure but also smart simulating a real life examination hall scenario where the exam is constantly watched upon expect our algorithms do it!

We partner with prominent HR agencies to bring technology in HR and L&D space. Our tools are used for organizational assessments, individual assessments and to develop a culture of feedback in the organization. Our real time gaming solutions are used by trainers to not only engage the participants but also for content and message dessimination.

We serve MSMEs using our “Manufacturing Resource Planning” tool which has been designed keeping in mind a shopfloor and its details! We understand the skillset of enterprises and their relation with technology and our easy to use UI / UX helps employees make our tool a part of their daily routine before they can say “Noodles”! 


These and many such anecdotes have helped us gain the confidence to convince you that we can not only design a solution ground up but also ensure the solution actually helps you in solving your pain point!

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